NewMoon1 & Solar Eclipse: HeyókȟaKoshariFoolQ#1

“I play the fool, to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling me.”

0_00_The Fools_Heyoka_Formatted

Who am I @ the bend – the beginnings end?

Welcome to the one and only CLN (CreativeLiberationNetwork).

We, I, you want to invite us on a fool’s journey and liberators’ path.

Our creativity is calling, and today — and every day for the unforeseeable future — we will be gifted a Q (pronounced ‘cue’) to guide our way: a BigQ, Quest, Query, Quote, Quantum leap, Quip, Quell, or Quencher.

And what is this CLN thing?

Think of it as an accomplice, collaborator, and fellow explorer on the odyssey of creative wellbeing. It’s a path and process for “Getting Free Through Creativity.” CLN is for all our creative artists, authors, thinkers, tinkerers, tricksters, catalysts, warriors, meditators, dreamers and everything in-betweenners. 

But don’t be fooled sweet fool, we even question what CLN means: CosmicLoveNinja? CaptivitiesLostNecrology? ComeListenNow?

Are you still confused?

Let’s time travel together, be in the quandry and create. Let’s see where we go in the days to come, prepare thyself…the journey has just begun.

Who am I @ the bend – the beginnings end? Introduce yourself in whatever way inspires you, you cannot do YOU wrong – so who are you? Express yourself in words, video, photograph, collage, story, song, or any which way you choose.

Post your response on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group with #CLNatthebend

The HeyokhaKoshariFool is made in dignity with Roxanne Swentzell’s “Emergence of the Clowns” which depicts the story of four clowns, known to the Pueblo world as the koshari.

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