9/4 Quantum Leap: HeyókȟaKoshariFool Q#4

Tell us about the future, describe it as the past, look deep into the possibilities, be a seer of the unseen, a teller of the untold, a keeper of the unkept, a believer in the dreamt — take us with you, and make it so in taking us.

Express yourself in words, video, photograph, collage, story, song, or any which way you choose. And you have a CHOICE choice! Post your response on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group.


1 thought on “9/4 Quantum Leap: HeyókȟaKoshariFool Q#4

  1. I have come from a place of fear and rejection of the present as though the place I last came from was greatly different. Today I am I’m in a place of spiraling time and reflection of the greatness both the future past. Time no longer moves in a line or any direction. It is a ripple which we time jump 360 directions through claiming not to make waves of impact, but the observers are still a present. We are the keys to change and these unintentional intentions of dream weaving are the future of pasts. I do not worry to the figuring of finding something that is not because if I know it, it either was and can be again, or it will be and I am I’m in awe to see it unfold. The world is our paradise though sometimes the dreamer sees nightmare while an artist sees inspiration. We are not enslaved but our mother is and so we feel the cosmic chains which spiral into wombs of void we do not even comprehend. In the bend of stillness where we are all one without friction, chaos waits, for another chance at harmony. This is the past, the present, the future. Peace

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