9/6 Quencher: HeyókȟaKosahriFoolQ#6


Indigenous folks around the world know teasing, laughter and humor as intrinsic aspects of wisdom, as necessary tools for harmony and growth. The Fools in this card are the Hopi Kosahri from Roxanne Swentzell’s “Emergence of the Clowns”.

Much like the Hopi’s Koshari, the Lakota have exalted members of society, the Heyókȟa, whose role is to mirror a balanced experience of the sacred, the Wakȟáŋ, by being contrary, ridiculous, and playful all the time. They sing proudly of their shameful moments to break the self-importance that becomes pity, judgment, and self-hatred. They put on gloves and thick blankets and complain about the cold during a heat wave, or complain about being stuffed when food is scarce. They walk around backwards, or wear their clothes backwards, or run around trying to flatten bowls and other round things all the time. They challenge assumptions, stale perspectives and attitudes of their communities, bring laughter in hard times, and fear and chaos when there is complacency or arrogance.

These are the Cats that can ask the hard questions and challenge societal norms and authority figures. The Heyókȟa are an integral part of creating the tribal codes, they break the taboos and offer freedom, compassion and relief from suppression, while also mirroring the needs for harmony, order, and integrity.

Today, you my friend have been visited by the thunder beings of the west, the Wakinyan, the spirit of Heyókȟa…

The thunder and lightning came with a terrifying storm and left you with ticklish sprouts of vision. The Heyókȟa is fierce like this storm with a hunting spirit and playfully tender like the sprouts of new growth after a deep rain, or like the children who would rush the mud puddles in it’s wake. You are on the hunt, a fierce and playful hunt, for what in your life and ours needs to be seen from the other side of the looking glass—in reverse.

Point out some ridiculous rules we have, sing proudly of your shameful moments, whatever you do, make it some weird $#!t that disrupts the mundane and offers us insight, freedom, and transformation.

Express yourself in whatever way inspires you: words, video, photograph, collage, story, song, or any which way you choose. Ridiculous or profound, concise or prolific, your response is AllWays right. Post your response on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group.


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