9/7 Quell: HeyókȟaKoshariFoolQ#7

How you doin’ or how you done – WildTricksterFool?

Take a moment to notice a desire or take note of what you wanna do. In Heyoka fashion, respond with flip-mode intelligence.

Are you feelin’ energetic? Show us what tired is. If you’re hot – put on an extra layer cool breeze! Feelin’ solitary? Go to where the people be.

Now, share a backwards haiku (7/5/7 syllable count) about what you did and what it was like – HeyokaCalledYOU. Do something today that exhilarates you, in which you must risk making a fool of yourself.

Express yourself in whatever way inspires you: words, video, photograph, collage, story, song, or any which way you choose. you can’t do YOU wrong! Post your response on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group.


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