HoodHippie Universe

Bay Area, Psychedelic, frEQ folk, Ancient Futurist, Black+, late 30 year old HipHop – Mindfulness – (d)JEDI Heads, exploring the Universe — trying to crack the code to… DECOLONIZATION!?!?

Decolonization for Dreamers!!!

An interdisciplinary, multimedia, live and asynchronous, online, training for Reclaiming and Restor(y)ing (y)our Life!!!

(We have paused the live training aspects for the time being)

Meet upcoming featured Dream Guides in HHUDA meeting variety show #4:

The Well Being Moon

We ask the question: What is Decolonization?

We help artists, educators, change-makers and visionaries wrestle with the bodies of colonization. We honor this struggle in community, and within, as we disentangle from this ongoing threat. Through this transformative process we remember our sovereign and collective power in order to thrive in dignity, creative liberation and joy. 

This is an interdisciplinary, multimedia, live and asynchronous, online, year long training. Join us and 40+ Dream Guides come true, on an immersive, year long, transformative journey through Decolonization 4 Dreamers, with a growing CLaN of HoodHippie$ getting free through creativity.

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