Claiming the Rite(Right) to Passage

April 24-26

East Bay, California

DEPOSIT & APPLICATION DUE: Friday, April 10th, 11:59pm PST

Apply HERE now

Space is limited to 15 Players (aka participants)

“The CLN experience was and still is a multi-dimensional, soul-renewing journey that amplified awareness and relationship to my effervescent earth-body and my capacity to honor the gifts-given.  The CLN crew are brimming with grounded authenticity and wonderful facilitators of recognizing the potential and authenticity of others.”

~ L.B., Player in THE FIRST MOVE 2019

In THE FIRST MOVE Intensive we support you in claiming your rite(right) to passage while clarifying and honing your SuperHumanPowers so you can win at the game of your life. 

Together we use the CLN Deck (A QPOC, global Social/Eco Justice, Tarot-inspired, Oracle deck) to guide the creation of your “player card” — your own HeroFool card in dignity with the Fools of the Tarot, and the archetypal Hero’s/Fools’ journey. Using visioning practices, creative expression, and intuitive collaboration, we discover how the energies of the BuilderOrganizer, FeelerHealer, AlchemistArtivist, and VisionaryDreamer express themselves within each of us and inform the creation of our FoolHero. Each Player will make a full card description and have their Fool card printed at the end of THE FIRST MOVE.

The First Move Intensive will take place in Berkeley, CA and at Chapter510 Department of Make Believe in downtown Oakland, CA. On Friday evening we orient ourselves on the passage ahead, then the next two days we spend making fools of ourselves. Saturday the 29th will be our celebration and completion.


::Oakland, CA::
Friday, April 24, 7pm – 9pm
Saturday, April 25, 9am – 9pm
Sunday, April 26, 9am – 6pm


The full investment for THE FIRST MOVE is a sliding scale of $300, $600, or $900. 

The Deposit is $100 plus a $21 non-refundable processing fee (added as a “shipping fee” in our market.)

The Deposit is required before your application form will be reviewed. Make your deposit HERE.

If the $100 Deposit is a barrier to your application and participation, there are three (3) spots available for “Pay What Will Get You There” participation. We are committed to making THE FIRST MOVE accessible. To apply for one of these spots, send a minimum of $21 non-refundable deposit via Paypal to and complete the Application Form. 


We are D.J.E.D.I, ever students and practitioners of Deep-listening, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.  We are committed to the possibility that our collective and individual Creative Liberation Now has the potential to transform us out of the white supremacist, patriarchal, extractive capitalist society, where toxic masculinty, “whiteness”, and extractive practices are no longer systemically prioritized and used in harmful ways against us all. We invite you to consider how your resources (of all kinds) come from these systems or despite them, and how they can be used to disrupt and offset them and create new ones. We invite you to reflect on your current and historical (familial/ancestral/societal) privileges and access to resources (especially land, housing, money, institutional education, self care, health care, safety, citizenship, belonging, etc…) when selecting your financial contribution. Payment at the highest end of the sliding scale helps make it possible for CLN to offer redistributive & equitable “Pay What Will Get You There” participation. We invite you to ask for what you need and to offer what you can with dignity, power, and celebration!


We will notify all applicants by Tuesday, April 14th, 11:59pm PST of their status, which will be one of the following: 

Ready to Play! (aka: you are in)

  • You will confirm your participation by paying your full investment by Friday April 19th, 11:59pm PST.
  • We will send you an invoice for payment.After you pay your full investment, you will receive a welcome package with all the details for THE FIRST MOVE Intensive. 
  • Mark your calendar for all the dates and times of THE FIRST MOVE!

Possible Player (aka: you are on the waitlist) 

  • You will be informed by Sunday, April 19th, 11:59pm PST if someone drops out or doesn’t pay in full.
  • If you choose to join, you can confirm your participation by paying in full by Wednesday, April  22nd, 11:59pm PST.

Play on Pause (aka: THE FIRST MOVE is full this time around)

You can choose to:

  • get a refund of the $100 Deposit OR 
  • leave your deposit with us for the next time THE FIRST MOVE is offered OR
  • put the $100 towards a CLN Deck & Guidebook, ReStorying the Multiverse Reading, or other offerings available in the CLN Market.


Amani Will (Spirit) AKA: Legend Timing; Master Peace;  Restor(y)ing the Multiverse; I Am ManyOne; Liberation’s fractal Native of Consciousness; Re-Members the Future – the Ancestor Investor; Irreverent Reverent Reverend; Beatman Mani; Everybody Share Your Genius – The Call In Call Out

James-amutabi (Mind) aka Legend QingFace; Draw that InsideOut; The Accountability Partner; Beauty Unbound; Appreciator of Legendary Mindsets; Today, the Occult Polymath; Dandelionesque Buddha Belly Meditating on Mind-foolness; ALT7 Gully Goli; Players Welcome to the Stage

Seneca Beth (Body) aka Legend Sensa-tiv; Seni Dot;  Somatic Sex Educator Exrordinair; Playful Pleasure Activist; Intimacy and Interconnection Coach; Amplifier of Assertiveness; Tinkerpan Peterbell; Bringer of Body-Boldness

Read full bios HERE



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