9/9 Waxing Half Moon1: DoggoneFool Q#1

“I carry wrongness in my bundle to bring rightness peace – I carry rightness in my bundle to bring wrongness relief.”

0_00_The Fools_Fishdogs_Formatted

Doggone, Dog on it, Dogon from the DogStar,

in the southern celestial hemisphere’s constellation Canis Major!

Shout out to the Greater Dog and the whole Orion family;

I am here to visit that Doggone, Dog on it, Dogon Fool Sirius

the nearest and brightest.

Can you hear it?

I am calling in the DogFish for the Word that created the FishMan-

Nommo Anagommo,

brought forth by the creative one Amma,

the joyfully spinning creator who rests upon nothing,

Amma spun this whole universe with 8 Words!

How about you give me 8? Spin, once, balancing on one leg, spotting for constant orientation; say to yourself: “I carry wrongness in my bundle to bring rightness peace.’ I carry rightness in my bundle to bring wrongness relief.” Spin again. What is one ancient creative word that has come with you in your bundle, with the spin that brings life, death, and everything in-between into this earthly existence? Spin again, find another word in that body bundle. Spin again, find a word, and again…. Don’t worry, you can’t do this wrong; share eight ancient creative words now and spin again if you please.

Express your DogonGodWordsSpun in whatever way inspires you: words, video, photograph, collage, story, song, you name it. You can’t do YOU wrong! Post your response on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group if you feel called to share.


1 thought on “9/9 Waxing Half Moon1: DoggoneFool Q#1

  1. My deepest dreams jump forth with scrambling memories of images this doggone wolfish fool brings up. My fool can not come to shift the balance, both light and dark still breathing. The confliction. I was brought here with rhythm and harmony because a sweet manipulation of time and spaces are a graceful way to guide. Brought blind deaf and mute because it’s the importance of oneness to break down the multiplication of many. If we sit long enough in witness, nothing felt is very far away from the independent expression at peace. Forgiveness that knows no boundaries and love beyond possession from the mermaid and her ghosts. Lastly, resilience, which is the R of all Rs- the culmination of a lifetime of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Foolishly, feverishly, forever, free from fight, fixed, fueling fun and fish that fly.

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