9/12 Quantum Leap: DoggoneFool Q#4

The Dogon of Mali are a people with divine sight; astronomers, mathematicians, seers who practice many mysterious and intriguing rituals, which attract anthropologists, historians, scholars, and social scientists from all over the world-Fox divination is one such practice. The Dogon have a legacy of knowing things that have arisen in the future that some would believe to be impossible. My dear cosmic labyrinth navigator, this is a day of divination, where we practice our quantum leaping response-ability.

Like the sacred fox for the Dogon, who is the divine spirit you will call to and what would you say to honor their arrival and departure? Here is our call to that masterful divinely pawed fox a CLN translation of a translation, of the Dogon diviner priest’s chant:

Divine sacred Dogon Fox with prophetic soles and sight, is there something here in our sands of time, as our earth dances around our sun so bright, that we need to heed in the year to come, speak clearly please divine foxy one. Let the people here stand eye to eye, see what you’ve weaved, understand the marks you leave, give us your nails to mark this land called free, be clear with whatever you see, please divine fox tell me clearly. Thank you Divine Fox, for coming to us on this sacred day, with your sacred paws having printed a response so clear. We release our need for answers to questions unasked and give thanks. Thank you fox, thank you fox, thank you fox, thank you fox, thank you fox amen, Ashe and so it is.

So my CLN quantum leaper, who do you call to and what do you say?

Express yourself in whatever way inspires you: words, video, photograph, collage, story, song, or any which way you choose. You can’t mess up a messy universe! 

Post your response on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group.


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