9/16 FullMoon1: 2ndEarth Q#1

“I respect, embrace and return in each moment — back home to life.”


02_2nd Earth_Formatted

What’s sliding my snake? Gimmie some skin! What’s shedding my kin? What’s DJ Life playing on the reels of real? The wheels of still? You still turning up? Child heart, ancient Mind, bridging body, Magic without Magicians, what’s spiraling down to earth from the constellar skies when you just let it ride? Have you made peace and made friends and made love with all the colors of your rainbow galaxy? When you ain’t tryna exfoliate what you hate, when you love all your s(kin) what’s transforming? Did you know my cyclist, that you are a Walking transformer? Can you feel yourself spinning transformations? You take ultra violet light and turn it into vitamin D. You turn plants and other animals into blood, flesh, bone and fertilizer. You take information and experience and you turn them into feelings, thoughts, world views, and ways of life. You have to transform to live, you do it without trying, you can’t help it!!! Transforming is an essential part of your nature!!!

Tell me, what in your life needs a reminder of this natural & supernatural power of yours? Show us something from one of your current transformations in video, picture, story, song, or any which way you like it.

If you feel inspired, share on your social networks and in the CLN Facebook Group. #CLNwalkingtransformation

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