10/3 QuantumLeap: JugglingGenius Q#4

Oh you Cosmic Licensed Navigator, Juggling time traveler, Quantum leaping conjurer of futures unseen; you are a cosmic juggler whatever your sign may be, in this time of the air elemental balancing scales like Themis.

Dr. Robert Bianchi, says that the jugglers in the Beni Hassan tomb could be “an analogy between balls and circular mirrors, as round things were used to represent solar objects, birth and death.”

It is October 3rd, 2017; and what does your “’anniversaried’ mirrored orb of stardust” kNOwself of a year from now have to share with you? What new moves, tricks and/or acrobatics have you learned one year from today? Oh you time traveling CosmicLiscensedNavigator share with us in whatever way your Juggling genius desires. Post on your social networks and/or on the CLNFacebook Page.


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