10/8 Waxing Half Moon2: Alchemist/Artivist of Air

“New life follows where I dance, I am the rhythm of life manifest.”



Yo tiny dancer!!!! Busting move, leaned back crip-tic blood bending, moonwalking, twisting electric slide – Apple of the serpents eye, eve of destruction, dawn of new function, baby boomer wilting in an information age, in formation as lemonade made from eden’s tree of life on the matrixes of a web page. You mac daddy book, ill literate, psychotic psychic reader pimp, water bird hooked on phoenix. What’s surging underneath, inside, and beyond this fiber optic fruit we’ve minced and met and seem to be shitting out right now?

Did you know when the Roman empire state took over the institutional Christian Church? They took god from the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the sun, the seasons, the whole natural world; made god a him, and put him up in the sky somewhere else other than right here–unreachable without the churches middle man! Then we banned the drums and changed the musical scales to something less aligned with the human chakra system ‘cause people were still so connected to Nature’s Creative Liberation!!! Did you know slavers in what would become the United States banned the African’s drums because they could sense the power of the natural world living in them? Did you know shamans all over the world work with songs and dance as carriers of healing vibration, and doorways to dieties, with the power to heal even things like so called tumors, genetic diseases, mental illnesses, and more; they say the music carries the power to reset one’s very nature!!!!

Question: Can anything come from nature be anything but natural? Can you hear the source of creation in your thoughts? Are you single or a “pairadox”? Who built your speaker box? What channel opens when you knock? Is there a riot in your watts? When your people were displaced was your grounding wire lost? We are the rhythm of life manifest!!! Sacred rhythm, here’s the invitation for liberation celebration should you choose to invest: Today when you would be walking or standing, dance. For real, like while you’re brushing your teeth in the mirror and telling yourself how much you love life for making you, and while your chopping it up with the elder you’re walking (now dancing) across the street, or while you’re putting up Black Lives Matter posters on store fronts, police stations, and bus stops; Dance!!! While you’re throwing a tantrum because that show you fucking love just did some wack ass sexist, trans-phobic, racist, classist bullshit, when you’re calling your congress person to tell them which way all the woke folk vote, while you’re singing to your garden, while your talking to that old homie you ran into at the farmer’s market–Dance!!!

No matter what you’re up to today, if you would normally be walking or standing replace that habit with the multi-dimensional present moment inspired rhythm of life manifest in your very own body as dance!!! Reclaim the rhythm of life again and again and dance with us in it!!! —— Make a video of your dance and share it with your social networks and in our facebook group and let us all dance together #CLNrhythmoflifemanifest

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