10/15 Full Moon2: 6th Fire Q#1

“I am Already Victorious.”


Constantly Learning Newbie, there are so many ways you are striving to change and grow. You may always be looking ahead to the better you, the next finish line, the upcoming opportunity. Yet, right now, in this very moment, you are already victorious. Whatever the race, the challenge, the game — you stay winning, even if you fail to notice.

Today, notice an aspect of your life you can celebrate JUST AS IT IS.

What did you accomplish today, big or small? How is your body already the way you like it, with or without going to the gym? How have you shifted the way you think or feel about something that was previously challenging and now you are more liberated in relation to it? 

Celebrate this victory with us — sing a song about it, dedicated a dance to it, paint, scream, write, video tape or create poetry about it and share it with the people around you, your social media networks, on the CLN Facebook Group,and/or respond with a comment on this blog,.


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