10/20 Quantum Leap: 6th Fire Q#6

The year is 2018 roman time, we are entering the 9th moon. The Creative Liberation Network has just finished our two year reading with the Visionary Dreamer of Fire.  We have watched the longest divined arc of our lives and learned much about time travel, divining, time, patience, trajectories of growth and evolution, and the intrinsically victorious nature of our beings. We have been traveling the world at leisure sharing the CLN tarot, going only to places we feel called to, finding magical miracles in each place, making films, art, gathering community, shifting paradigms, blowing minds, opening hearts, and expanding what CLN does with each collaboration. We collaborate with politicians, scientists, artists, neighborhoods, nature, etc… we build landmarked Permaculture treasure hunts with folks who know the soul of the cities we visit. We open acupuncture points in the earth with musical sharemony and play, we have hundreds of thousands of network members who have been making online galleries of creative liberation following the q’s and cards daily!!! Our bodies feel strong, and soft, like embers and tiny flames emanating from them, like truth when it’s known in absolute presence, like love when all it wants is itself. We have more than enough money to live comfortably and generously, we are looking at land, making plans for our shipping container houses, and hobbit and tiny homes while we build with many healers, teachers, and masters for our retreat center for the near future. We live on the wind, grounded in the earth, fluid in our own souls headheartwaters, burning with our innocent innate desire, fulfilled by itself and so also fulfilled in the world. We breathe deep and easy most of the time. We ride out fears tantrums of resistance to new paradigms of love with wisdom, compassion, and consistency.

There is much more, this is just the door.

You tell us yours.

Quantum leap into a victorious future and paint the picture on your social media networks, on the CLN Facebook Group, and/or respond with a comment on this blog,.


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