10/22 Waning Half Moon2: 10th Earth Q#1

“I resonate in harmony with the soul of the earth.”


As we walk amongst the Calanais Stones, on the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, Lemurian quartz providing us with ancient wisdom for the task ahead; we are overtaken with a sense of surrender and gratitude; knowing that our Ancestors have walked upon and taken care of this earth. The stars above and stones below begin whispering stories that remind us of our interconnectedness. Images of free Black skinned Magi and Egyptian Pyramids flit through the mind, aligned in the stars from across the ocean. There will always be questions that ignite the imagination. Who built this, what were they built for and what did they look like, originally? Not knowing is liberating, because then you join those seekers past and present who continue to ask questions on a search for truth across time.

The question I hear Cosmic Love Navigator is: what are the stories being whispered to you in the sacred places around and within? Listen closely and share with those to whom you feel called, share on your social media networks if you feel called, share on the CLN Facebook Group, and/or respond with a comment on this blog.


1 thought on “10/22 Waning Half Moon2: 10th Earth Q#1

  1. Stories sound like lies, and the lies I give away, even at the expense of myself because in this time it still feels like -despite trying we will surrender to loss, crossing go and stepping another veil deeper in the craziest game of growing up I couldn’t imagine. I’m ready for reset, even though tears rush forward from my insides at such a statement. My hopes and dreams which once were the stories, are darkened now. Please tell me a story that feels real.

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