10/25 Quantum Leap: 10th Earth Q#4

It is 2016 BCE, we have just landed on an Island with flowers and grass spread across it like the sands of my home. We are here to meet with the ancient ones who have come to visit us from the furthest reaches of our eyes. One day what we leave will be known as Tursachan Chalanais because it shall mirror the shape of the southern cross constellation. This is a harmonious undertaking by many people from all over this planet. We are continuing the tradition of creating sacred places in beautiful alignment with the stars. One day the true story of Calanais will be lost to time, but its legacy, the lives that were given to its erection and those that it will draw from around the world will flourish and its purpose will reawaken within.

Creative Legacy Narrator, tell me something about the forthcoming ancient odyssey that is your life here on Earth.

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