10/30 New Moon3: No Place Like Home Fool Q#1

“There’s no place like home fool, I am the place to be, I am the home for me.”


Casa Lives Nside

Home is an oratorio of remembered melodies

With gardens filled with sugarcane, wheat, meat, greens, beans and fruit trees

singing melodies ancestral harmonies joy bending the air within and around.

Oh sweet foolish homecoming royalty, what large-scale musical orchestra with voices would best describe your experience of home? What if home needed an opera to describe it best, tell us about some of your favorite acts, or about the overture. What if home needed a painting to describe it manifest, what masterpiece have, are, or would you create to best capture the experience? Or share a poem about home.

If you feel like taking a stroll down honeyed cobbled concrete, walk on keys to your social media networks, buzz on over to the CLN Facebook Group, and/or land on this blog with a comment.


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