11/3 Quantum Leap: Tig Fool Q#5

Creative “Land of Oz” Narrator, you are such a story telling quantum nomad, journeying through space and time as quickly as the changing of the mind. In the wizard of Oz, The Emerald City represented capitalism and capitalist values, the dream of achievement, development and the desire for more; one of Dorothy’s lessons learned during her journey down the yellow brick road was to appreciate what she already had at home.

Cosmic Leaping Nomad- how would you describe your Emerald City Journey? What time period, what place, and what people do you need to meet in order to learn the lessons meant for you in this moment- in this home?  Remember, sometimes the wormhole to alternate realities, alternate nows, shows up as a tornado ready to tear a life apart.

Write, record or draw up your story, fictional or OtherWise, even tornados can’t stop your creative liberation. Share on your social media networks, on the CLN Facebook Group, and/or in a comment on this blog.


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