11/9 Query: Generation Chariot Q#3

In yesterday’s Q, Malidoma Some spoke to the struggle and suffering that can come because of how our  “inner power and authority that fails to shine because the world around them is blind to it.”

If trauma truly transfers from generation to generation, as spoken to in Q#1, then it is likely that this struggle to shine is likely not only ours, but also that of our ancestors. You are a Generation Chariot, carrying both the wisdom and the suffering of those who came before you.

In a world where countries that are global powers are lead by people whose power and authority promotes discrimination, segregation, violence, and hate, how do you find ways to keep your brilliant power and authority? Where do you feel you are able to harness the strength of your wholeness and shine the most? What is one thing you can do right NOW to feel connected to your inner power? 

Share your empowering act through photography, poetry, video, words, art or any creative form of expression and post on social media networks, on the CLN Facebook Group, and/or in a comment on this blog.


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