11/11 Quantum Leap: Generation Chariot Q#5

Look Seven Generations ahead & Seven Generations Behind!

Sweet Chariot Living Now, this is our world, sewn, stitched, pieced together by all of those that have come before us. The Words, the struggles with our life and world, our medicines’ and our paths have been laid out ahead of us, walked upon until the grooves we now know had formed. The Chariot calls us to re-member our Will, a will that functions when the whole being is behind it, a will that calls forth effort, care, truthfulness and tenacity, reminding us that we can overcome insurmountable barriers.

If our whole being includes ancestors that have come and ancestors to come; what is a Will when life is shared, when your medicine is connected to those who’s grooves you walk in? How do you, sweet Chariot Living Now, carry medicine that is yours and not yours? Maybe there are clues in the past and the future; what clues can you find in our shared human experience 7ahead and 7behind? How have others carried medicine that is both theirs and others? 

Share with us the clues that you know on your social media networks, on the CLN Facebook Group, and/or in a comment on this blog.


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