11/17 Quantum Leap: 4th Water Q#4

Can we think thoughts of the past and the future? Can we move this CupBody of elements through waters? Can we time travel? Do we know Mental Mirages from the heat of deserted possibility? Do we sit in search of ourselves? Do we run to outrun the end? Do we ask more questions than there are answers to? Are we rhetorical specters, walking as though we make sense?

Describe to us how you meditate and what arises during your meditation? What is time travel in the context of mindful breathing, mindfool contemplation and mindless imagination? Remember there is no right answer, just the answer given.

Share in poetry, photography, song, painting, words, video, or whatever creative expression inspires you and post on your social media networks, in the comment section of this blog, and/or in the CLN Facebook Group.


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