12/7 Waxing Half Moon #4: 4th Fire

“Completion is perfection.”



Dance with me in this masterpiece, you – choreographing life novelty, such beauty your existence is, congratulations on your victory. I am the 4th fire, I bring with me celebration, self determination and jubilation. I mark the completion of a cycle(s), the recognition of success, and the enjoyment of deserved rewards. As a balanced order is established within, things flow more easily and inner power is more accessible for use with competence and focus. This is a time for completion-which is perfection. Seeing what is most important allows for reflection on accomplishments, a letting go and looking forward without inner conflict or indecision. We are dancers strong and vibrant, celebrating that which is past and releasing the old (caterpillar) and becoming the new (butterfly).  We are the wheel, turning and continuing to change.

What are you ready to complete today and claim it as perfect just as it is? Share your completed masterpiece using whatever form best expresses it — collage, painting, photograph, sound, poetry, and/or whatever…post on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group using the hashtag:


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