12/16 – 4th CLN Full Moon – Q#4 – Quantum Leap

Last week, the night before meeting my brand new niece Chaya Mageed, I dreamed a little girl around 5 years old came out of a familiar forest, running with two giant golden lions and all three of them tackled me and we rolled around in a ball of affectionate, fierce, joyful reunion. It was only when I had the 3 week old Mageed in my arms that i remembered this dream and recognized the little girl as her!!!

What have you just birthed?

Hold that precious baby in your arms and search your dreams for the 5 year old version of this proverbial child.

Tell us a story about them at 5 in painting, song, poem, story, emoji, link, etc… here, in your social networks, and in our facebook group using #clnBirthofEarth

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