Q#1 Birth of Water

“There is an infinite source of love around and within me.”


All humans are born of water, held for months in the amniotic fluid of the womb as we develop. Water truly IS life. It covers more than two-thirds of the planet, and it makes up approximately the same amount of the human body. Our bodies cannot live long without the nourishment of water; our spirits cannot thrive the nourishment of love.
Birth of Water invites you back into the water of your body and your bodyheart connection with ALL life throughout time, past present and future.  Take time today to connect with the water in  your bones, blood, organs, and, brain — as well as to the fullness of your emotional needs. Like the humpback whale who may journey alone for miles to find food for nourishment, your journey of deep connection may need to be done alone.
What emotional need surfaces from your journey?
Trust in the abundant nature of love and the need to love and be loved, both romantically and in a spiritual sense-this is a time to embrace opportunities for fulfillment. Take them, whether now or later, this is the beginning of love, happiness and compassion. Allow creative expression to flow unhindered, particularly where there is an opportunity to allow emotions to shine brightly, sharing experiences and feelings with others. Celebrate the offerings that have manifest and take the many new opportunities that have arisen to help others.

Post an expression of what you discovered on your watery journey here, on your social network sites, and in the CLN Facebook Group using the hashtag:


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