12/22 Quarrel: Birth of Water Q#3

Water is Life! This is the chant of water protectors and water warriors all over the world, today, in solidarity with those fighting the black snake, many are protecting the womb of humanity, the womb of the planet that is our oceans, the true currents of wealth and stability that are our rivers, the nourishing streams and headwaters that freely provide us with drinkable water; all of these life springs are under attack.

Constant Liquid Needer, how have the waters around you and within you stayed protected? How have you accessed and used the power of the waters in this time of drought in terms of shared human insight and shared human responsibility?

The Waters are calling, how do you answer?

Express your answers with collage, painting, photograph, sound, and/or whatever…post on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group


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