12/31 – 5th CLN New Moon – Q#4 – Quantum Leap

I am the gold nugget you find in the wreckage after the storm. I am the humility and unified collective power forged in the storm’s all seeing eye. In the center of any storm, in the stillness that chaos orbits, there is a creative seed that looks like destruction as it tills space time for fertile ground. In the paradoxical union of free wild natural destruction and creation there is an omni-directional multi-dimensional doorway to anywhere. 2016 was a hella of a storm, there is a gold nugget of a seed of creation/destruction in you now. Use the stillness you found in the eye to see where you will go this time around, through, beyond, behind, before, after, and as the Sun.

Give us a peak here, in your social networks, and in our closed facebook group/online interactive gallery with #clnPitytheFool

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