1/7 Quest: 6th Earth – Q#3

Reach your hands out my Courageous Little NorthStarHawk and touch your past and future. Today we take a journey, knowing the part of our journey which calls for our suffering is just one part amongst many, now we take our first step, all directions are open, yet do not forget to choose joy as the destination and guide.

You will need a lamp – to navigate the darkness. The kind of lamp that can only be found within. This lamp calls forth self trust, courage and compassion in the face of the unknown and while dealing with hardship, it will help you learn to utilize your medicine and to find grounding in your body and mind. By calling on the light of our beloved wise ancestors, you will find help as you struggle with loss; you will discover balance and learn the blessed art of forgiveness, for self and for others.

When grace arises it will help you see that joy is also looking for you.

Remember your struggles and sorrows do not limit who you are or who you can become, even if they last for a long time, your suffering is not the end, it is one part of the journey, one part of the path to abundant love and prayerful understanding, one part of the journey that is humanity.

Again, What calls in joy for you today, courageous little newborn, and what direction shall we begin in?


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