The Moon: Q#1

“Insight from my beautiful and blessed unconscious becomes my perfect and complete awareness.


18 of the innumerable, lunar deities divine:

Menily. Pah. Awilix. Huitaca. Abaangui. Ta’Lab. Nikkal. Sin. Selardi. Mano. Elatha. Mayari. Chup Kamui. Thoth. Jezanna. Kalfu. Hina. Ngalindi.

8 names in the ancient tongue still surviving over time:

சந்திரன். ጨረቃ. mėnulis. ماه زده شدن. месечината. ọnwa. ilargia. סַהַר.

1 alone pulls the tides, full, wane, wax, and new… 

how do you call to the one that is always calling you?

reveal a sliver or more of your relationship with the mysteries of the moon through collage, painting, photograph, sound, poetry, and/or whatever inspires  post on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group.


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