The Moon Q#5: Quarrel

Earth and The Moon are in a constant dance of dynamic tension, a quarrel since before the moon was even “born.”

Every day, every cycle around the sun, the Earth is essentially flinging the moon a little further away (five inches a year, to be exact) due to the tidal bulge created by the gravitational pull of the moon and the oceans. Not only that, but the moon itself is the result of the earth taking “one hell of a beating in its first billion years:” fragments of orbiting debris collided and coalesced, until they snowballed to form our Moon, as explained by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Perhaps this epic battle over billions of years is just part of the process leading toward the predicted point when the moon and the earth will align so that one side of the earth will ever only face the moon, just as one side of the moon only ever faces the earth.

What epic quarrels are leading you, or have led you to an experience of serendipitous synchronicity of a lunar level like this earth-moon ballet? What orbiting debris has collided and coalesced in your life to form something imperfectly perfect and powerful?

Share some aspect of your battle through photograph(s), song, poetry, words, art, sound, etc, in your social media networks, and in our online closed facebook group gallery using the hashtag:



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