1/20-Peace & Justice: Q#2

No one told me I was embarking on an odyssey, through the Nuclear fields of the ghosts known as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that I would have to navigate the Lost Caves where 200 million ghosts lost to enslavement, imprisonment and torture reside, that I would have to sail through the Ocean of Innocence filled with the tears of those who’s cries went unanswered, that I would have to see through the mirages of wine, sex, money and power in the Desert of Delusions, that I would have to pass through the Siren’s  Senate where all, demagogues and peacemakers alike, would find a rocky ruin, and still the place that most unsettled me was the hall of mirrors, where I was confronted with the many faces of oppression as my own, and I found each manifestation of myself without voice or power, watched over by silent loved ones.
My odyssey was in search of the “Word”, a word that could bring all together – no matter their differences – became the answer. I had watched my people suffer, generation after generation, each time born in a different place, with different skin color, eye shapes, hair texture, genders and destinies  – and each time I would fight. 
Cousins Leveraging Nations, How long has justice been denied to those for whom you fight? Who are your people? Are they women brutalized, beaten and belittled by a patriarchal progress priding itself in rightness; are they people of color, enslaved, imprisoned and subjugated under the guise of necessary just action; are they queer people, burned, discriminated against and killed for their body’s desires; are they alabaster kin, brainwashed separated and plagued by the ghosts of power untouched; are they differently abled, unseen, unheard and neglected; are they those with plights unseeable, unhearable and unbearable…who are the people for whom you pray will find justice and peace? 
When we met the second face of oppression all it said was, “it is too late to change what’s begun…”
The first face says “wait”, the second says, “it’s too late.” 
What do the faces of peace and justice say when mirrored by the many faced monster known as oppression?
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