1/24 – quarrel Q#6

The third face of Oppression woke me during an afternoon nap, I was resting after having worked 16 hours a day for almost a year, the tower of Pisa leaning in front of me, the whole structure reminded me of my homeland. somehow it made me think that the America had some how turned into a falling Goliath and I began screaming this at the top of my lungs:

I don’t fight for peace its like fuckin for virginity, your Brutality can

never drive out the darkness We be, only light can do that, only love can

free me, cause

Our bellys empty and its compassion that’s our path to peace, Call in

feast, we about to face the beast

Oppressive tyranny has landed at our feet, bow down to be seen, royalty

calls in timocracy, calls in oligarchy, calls in democracy, calls in

tyranny, we still calling forth peace to this land of the almost free, rest

in peace

Peace is the place where I rest

with the long arm of justice caressing my head-

blindfold off so they can see what We need, caring for us who have suffered


this is place that grew me

This land that knows my feet

calling me to destiny

To Get free

To wake from dreams

No wars or

empty bellies

No torture

Or brain washing

No Prisons to cage me

Or prophecies to enslave me

No Killing off our babies, our legacies and the future we bring

This is about peace and justice

Excuse me sir, would you not shout! You must quiet down, you cannot be heard if you are shouting, how about you just listen, how about you stop, stop talking, stop. 

stop, is what the third face of oppression told me…stop. and I quieted down…

if you are whispering about change – if you are whispering stop, share what you need.  What do you need? 

Your needs are important…share please…post on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group using the hashtag…


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