Waxing Half Moon: 5th Water Q#1

“Life is a process, I move toward my goals and know happiness and fulfillment are a part of the journey.”


 You awake to find something you expected to be there is not.

(Running water. Immigrant Rights. A lover. A parent. Electricity. The internet. Public Transit. Health Care. Democracy…)

What remains?

What does the loss feel like in your body and what attention does that part of your body need?

(Soft touch,  scream, pounding, solitude, shaking, running, music?)

If that place where the loss lives was a small child or an elder, how would you care for it today, and how does what remains relate?

Express your response in whatever form feels fit (poetry, sound, photographs, storytelling, video) and post it on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group using the hashtag…


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