Visionary Dreamer of Earth: Q1

“I see spirit working in everything. My sight reveals truth even in lies, and love even in hate.”



Today is the Spring Equinox.

A time of balanced hours of night and day, a shift towards warmer weather in the northern hemisphere and from snow-cold stillness to blooming abundance. The slow-steady pace of winter is quickening into the rhythm of rapidly flowering trees, buzzing insects, and increased activity of animals.

On this day of celebrating balance, CLN and the Visionary Dreamer of Earth honor the art of right-timing.

What can we learn from Eagle, who in the scarce months of winter may travel 50-100 miles per day in search of it’s prey? Once food is sighted by the bald eagle the plunge towards it can be fast and fierce (up to 75–99 mph!).

This meal may occur only after hours and hours of searching.

 What does Jaguar teach us, whose hunting style is to stalk-and-ambush rather than to chase? This large majestic cat — the biggest of the Americas — walks slowly, listening for and stalking prey before rushing or ambushing. Leaping from cover with a quick pounce and crushing bite, the capture and kill can expend considerable energy, yet may lead to the consumption of up to 55lb (25kg) of meat in one feeding.

This feast is often followed by periods of famine.

How do we, as individuals and as a species, know exactly when to move from the invaluable act of exploring, visioning, and clarifying our desires into acting, manifesting, and achieving our dreams?

How do we collectively cultivate the art of right-timing at a time when our social-political-environmental climate seems to be rapidly changing at sometimes alarming rates?

What is it the right-time for in your life on this Equinox?

Where in your life are you still steady-walking, listening, and stalking before you pounce? What have you already seen clearly with your keen inner eye and are ready to fiercely dive towards? 

Share an expression of each here: #CLNtruthinlies


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