Visionary Dreamer of Earth Q4: Quest

The wellbeing of the next generations may depend on us being able to see beyond the possible, to recognize where water lives even where land is dry, to cultivate forms of power outside of the current paradigm, to share resources and love and energy in increasingly innovative ways, to raise children and take care of one another in ways we’ve never seen modeled, except perhaps in our deepest of dreams. We may have to evolve beyond our current state of “human,” to transform and adapt the way caterpillar turns into butterfly or lizard acquired the ability to shift it’s appearance to blend into the surroundings.

Today, take four minutes (or more) to turn inward, asking “what seemingly impossible evolution do humans need? What would that evolution look like? What would I look like?” Lean into that vision, bring the lens of your mind closer and closer until the image is in complete focus, and hold that picture in your heart-mind as solidly as if it were real. Feel your body as if it exists in this post-evolutionary time. What does it feel like? What do you notice?

Then ask yourself: what tiny action can I take today to move beyond the possible into this evolution?

Share a glimpse of you vision, your body sensations, or an example of your action in words, song, sound, photograph, art, or whatever form suites it best, here: #CLNtruthinlies

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