Full Moon: 4th Air Q1

“I am called within; stillness and peace I am.”

04_4th Air_FINAL

Life, thoughts, change…all can happen so quickly.

Seasons come and go, cities grow and buildings fall, people are pushed out of homes and others flood in, empty lots become public parks become privatized spaces, babies become children become teens become adults become elders…life can easily pass by like pages of a book blowing in the wind, and even for folks making extra effort to live fully in the present moment, a sense of urgency to do something in response to what’s happening outside of the body can be overwhelming.

But today is not the time to follow the advice of the saying “don’t just stand there, do something.” In fact, it is the opposite. Fierce Allies, a Bay-area-based organization, offers this practice of liberation: “don’t just do something, stand there.”


What is something that is making your mind race these days? Perhaps it’s politics, or relationships, your career, or a passion-filled project. Identify one topic where you are willing to push pause, just for today. When thoughts related to this topic surface in your mind, simply take four breaths and move on. 


Today is a day to lean into stillness.

Wait. Pause. Reflect. Recover. Regroup. Stabilize.

Find solace in the solidarity of this network: share the subject you have on pause here



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