8th Waning Moon: The Wheels Q1

“I am safe, loved, celebrated, happy, healthy, wealthy, and free

– life proves it to me.”

0_10_The Wheels_Formatted.jpg

This is the querent’s time to create, notice and celebrate change.

What are you seeking to change, and what fortune are you calling to from the core of your understanding and belief?

Are you seeking the Wheel of fortune, you who has called in abundance and wealth; or are you seeking the wheel of medicine, you medicine carrier, searching for that which you were sent to this world to bring for healing life, love and your fellow beings; or are you seeking the wheel of time, time traveling holographic soul carrier, calling on understanding and supreme consciousness to determine your movements in the now.

Seeker of the center, rider of the wheel, our fortune holds the secret of harnessing the positive forces in life and turning these to our advantage. Can you feel that, the gift of manifestation, the present unwrapped and ready to be pulled out of the cosmic cabinet upon which all desires sit?

Has your fortune been sitting on the shelf collecting dust?

They say we pray for it, the fortunate, seed it in supple soil, that is ready to grow, so that when the fruits are rip we may pick them from the vine.  And what an abundant gift riders of the wheel can claim, a gift without limit, there is no owner of this masterful marvelous miraculous orchard of fortune, there is enough fruiting that all can be fed. Are you prepared to receive your gifts?

What if all that you desired was within your reach, maybe slightly different then you imagined, but there, ready, waiting, for you to embrace it. Sometimes we do not have the eyes to see, because of fear, disillusionment, and the dichotomous nature of reality, however, today is the day to shift your vision, so that all which is your’s can be seen and picked.

Oh you barer of sweet Cosmic Love Notes, what have you called in and have you found your gift in the abundance of cosmic cabinets the universe has built? It is already yours, you prayed for it, you were born with it, and you are made to find it!

Share your calling and claiming, through sound, movement, poetry, video, photograph, or whatever form inspires you in the moment. Post in your social media networks, and in our CLN creation space


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