9th New Moon – 4/26/17 – The Foxy Fool – Big Q

00_The Foxy Fool_FINAL


Pssst, can you see me here, camouflaged in plain sight?

You Foxy fool?


Takes one to know one right?


What is harmony to a trickster?

Hummingbird nectar songs,

straddling the right and wrong,

prancing accordianly,

for an alchemical, push and pull and slap you silly type joy?



My music permeates the realms from in between them.

In this reading,

ushering in the 9th moon, 9 months in, the 33rd card,

I am drawn to you.

Uncross yourself. 

Here at the crossroads, you don’t have to be cross.

You have been crucified plenty, 

now it’s time for the resurrection.

After your time in bardo, in the vardo, with the lollipop fool,

in the circus of the heaven realms, 

you rejoiced in the absolute satisfaction you found in the rainbow breath

under 10 waters.

You sat in the tree tops, founded stillness in their sway, and meditated in 4 Airs.

You spun your chakras and the wheel of fortune until you got your wheels spinning. Now, you can reach across your divergent stories, paths, and selves, and slyly, earnestly, behold the paradoxes that unify form into being in this world, and choose one intersectional path.

I appear at the crossroads of folklore and reality,

there are countless stories about me and my ancestral legacy, 

so many cultures associate me with trickery.

I got that magic, powerful playful and able to “out fox” anyone willing to test their wit with me. Been branded fox, hunted and hounded, that’s why my souls help me move quickly, if you have come to cross me you first have to know which shapeshifter identity I am playing;

the pale fox, Robert the fox, Lawrence the fox, Reynard the fox, the muddy fox, the nine tailed fox, Fantastic Mr. Fox; Sexy and familial;

I play the fox constantly; 

Such shenanigans camouflaged as sentience;

I transform freely, thief in the night, robin hood, up to no good for the greater good. 

I am a warrior and don’t even need to carry weaponry, besides this blessed mind I bring with me while facing everything.

Don’t judge my fur, I have been rocking this throwback since the evolutionary act, that made me… Foolish, Foxy, and Free.


Do you know what your crossroads are now?

Do you know which shapeshifter identity I am playing for you?

Share something, you sly fox, camouflaged or not… #CLNfoxyfool

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