Feeler Healer of Earth Q3: Quieting

Let us begin with a smudge, using cedar, sweetgrass, sage or any other smudging medicine that calls to you; allowing the cleansing smoke to purify our body, aura, energy, and the ritual path we are about to walk, allowing nerves to calm and stress to dissipate; remember there is not a limit on your time…

Take 10 deep breaths

Here is a list of sacred medicines carried by the Feeler Healer of Earth: mota, peyote, amanita mushroom, wachuma, tobacco, agave, and aya.

This quieting does not ask that you locate these plant cousins, but become familiar with the medicines they carry and ask, for your quieting, what is my relationship to sacred medicines? Which plant cousins have medicines that are sacred to me?

“Feeling opens the world to me – All of the emotions are welcome within me, i embrace them as traveling companions and bless them on their way.”


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