8th Earth Q1: BigQ

08_8th Earth_FINAL

“The simple act of residing in my own truth creates and transforms the next world emerging now.”

Candor Loving Ninja, just because humans lie, doesn’t mean pigs will fly; you’ll never create a livable house out of cards; certain human beings are not less than fully human; and, beating a dead horse will not make it rise and run.

Can you tell the difference between a paper tiger and a real one? a red herring and a palatable one? fool’s gold and 24k gold? fake news and real news? Trojan horses and Mustangs? an empty suit and a birthday suit?  Can you tell when you are speaking to a tin god and/or a petty tyrant?

CLN will not ask you to ride your pink elephant across invisible bridges–this time is about truthtelling and veracity; not lying, deception, and misrepresentation.

There is a utopian reward that comes with:

Random Kindness,

Senseless Acts of Beauty


Shockingly Authentic Honesty

Think of an ACT as “A Conscious Trust” calling us into “acting as if” we already live in the world we desire.

So, Candor Loving Ninja, here is your first call to action with the 8th Earth:

one random kindness or one senseless act of beauty or one shockingly authentic and honest share. Now, Act as if…

                                    “The simple act of residing in my own truth creates                                        and transforms the next world emerging now.”


Random Kindness & Senseless Acts of Beauty…Book by Anne Herbert


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