8th Earth Q7: Quench me

Stand next to a 500 year old redwood tree, with roots that expand across a landscape…what would it feel like if we believed these trees spoke with us, tracing our roots, describing their forms, colors, textures…

Been walking past redwood trees, since I decided to meditate on their roots, how they intertwine, align, and undo. Their still grandeur the gentlest reminder of the state in which boundaries are set, wondering if its permanent, partly because there was not a lot of pretense. I could share with you my strategy of distancing when the unknown and forever changing is taking shape differently than I desire…if you didn’t know my primary desire with you in mind is clarity then playfulness, fun, and falling into flight. Quench me, I love you, and I do, I can say it with ease while flowing between a love that says its everything and a wisdom that says its nothing. Maybe I have been lucky and am about to have the opportunity for more skillful shifting…I am happy to hear what you are calling in, and if it is me, let me know what you need, blessed. And remember don’t use hard difficult sticky stuck stank or rancid shifts as an excuse to hurt yourself, its okay. Its okay.

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