10th New Moon – The Dancin’ Devilish Fool – Big Q

00_The Dancin Devil Fool_colorful

Uh-oh, after you hung with the hanged one, you come to me?

Well, tell me, 
Do you believe in the Devil?





An Eternity in a static heaven or hell based on the choices you make in this infinitesimal sliver of a blink of a moment of a life in eternity? 

Does any part of you fear punishment for some spiritual misunderstanding, or willful disobedience?  (Like “choosing” the “wrong” “god”)???? 

Fear of evil, or otherwise harmful forces or spiritual entities?

Scan through your psyche and check out the places you have fear in your relationship to the divine. Dance with them. 

Share some divine dancing fear love here: #CLNdevilishdance

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