10th New Moon – The Dancin’ Devilish Fool – Q6 – the Qicker

00_The Dancin Devil Fool_colorful


Someone once told me that the symbol for the anti-christ is actually Jesus on the cross. A symbol that literally depicts the state sanctioned murder of a copper skinned, hebrew, revolutionary, organizer who defied the same state’s oppressive rule in the name of a loving god.

Intriguingly enough, the state of Rome that assassinated Jesus, also birthed Catholicism which would eventually lead the empire on a path of global domination through unimaginable acts of violence, torture, and genocide all with the symbol of a dead Jesus on the cross flying high at the helm. Also strangely, Catholicism and many of it’s christian descendants emphasize the idea of an anti-christ in a way no other abrahamic religions do.

I do not mean to accuse the roman catholic church of being the anti-christ, but there is something going on here. The organization that murdered a revolutionary spiritual leader, then hundreds of years later, strategically assimilated selected pieces of his still resonant teachings, to empower themselves to become one of the most powerful religious empires in history also happens to be the one rocking the logo for the anti-christ and acting more scared than anyone else of him??? 

I may be a fool, but i’m a devilish fool, i have eaten of the tree of knowledge and something don’t seem right. What you thought was devil, might just be good for life, what you thought was savior, might be hiding a pretty savage knife…

When you can’t trust god or the congregation, when your running from the state, when the devilish fool is who you’re most inclined to recline with, then what is our fate?


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