11th New Moon – That Pride-Full Guesthouse Fool – BigQ

“I am a guest house and all are welcome.”

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What is a Pride-full expression and experience of human emotion?


Pride is upon us, a time to celebrate diversity, to call us into dance with the ever changing and queering culture and humanity that we are already a part of.

Dr. Marcy Adelman, Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal, 2017 SF Pride says:

“I encourage everyone to wake up every morning committed to marching, writing/ calling legislatures, signing petitions and attending town hall meetings in support of immigrants, all LGBT people but especially LGBT elders and youth, people of color, Muslims, women and protection of the earth. Do this and we will transform ourselves and the country by a more deeply lived and held belief in multiculturalism.”

What does your Pride look like?


If we look at our pride-full guesthouse with its many transient occupants, how many occupants could there be?

How many expressions of emotion (guests) is a human capable of creating (hosting)?

Some say more than 7,000 expressions of emotion, others say more than 10,000 and let us not forget, emotions can be richly clear and strangely subtle, however many there are. Surprisingly, when it comes to basic, universal emotions, there are fewer than some may think. Some say there are six universal emotions, some seven, some 8, some 14, etc. Some say there are just four basic emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear.

What if you had to name all of your own expressions of emotion? What if you where invited to be the Grand Emotion Butterfly or the Grand Marshal of the Guesthouse and one of your duties was to find people, all different, to personify the spectrum of human emotion. Is your Pride-Full guesthouse abundant enough to stage play this way?

Are you connected to such a queer, weird, ferry and fox full, bear and bunny, mami and daddy bottom blessed community?

If we start from the four irreducible emotions, how many sacred erotic members, Pride-Full Guesthouse Partiers, would you need? What if you start with some of these: joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, surprise, anticipation, friendship, calm, enmity, shame, shamelessness, pity, kindness, envy, indignation, emulation, and contempt; oh wee, we might have a lot of personified emotions to meet. The wheel of emotion is like the color wheel, primary colors combine to form secondary and complementary colors; basic emotions mix and mesh to form a diversity of feelings.

“Emotions rule so much of our lives…and can be deeply personal and even confusing at times.”

How much acceptance, connection and intimacy must we have with what’s moving within us, to have acceptance, connection and intimacy with that around us?

Take this time to get to know your Pride-Full Guesthouse – Fool!


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