That Pride-Full Guesthouse Fool – Q5 – “¿Qué?”-ger

Ok, it’s time for a guest house”¿Qué?”-ger (keger).

Let your guesthouse rage for a night, let them be wild animals free to express themselves, do it in the mirror for 10 minutes, do it with friends, really get a keg and get drunk with your most pent up emotions quareful (careful), you follow their cue but ask, “¿Qué?”, for clarification continually; “¿Qué?” Get to know all the guests in your guest house freely for a night.

“¿Qué?” Unfold “¿Qué?” Succumb “¿Qué?” Twist “¿Qué?” Dive “¿Qué?” Erode “¿Qué?” Unleash “¿Qué?” confine “¿Qué?” Birth “¿Qué?” Rage “¿Qué?”

Meditate while you party with your guesthouse, pray like rumi and hafiz, tupac and prodigy, drink in the deliciousness of having such guests in such the temple that you keep, make sure to insta, tweet, snap, face the extravaganza!!!






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