11th Waxing Moon – 6th Air – Q3 – Quell


06_6th Air_Minor ArcanaCreation is destructive. 

To create something, form must be changed from one thing into another. 

Today my creative creature, like everyday as a human on planet earth, you are destroying various life forms left and right in order to sustain the creation that is you, and in order to create your own creations too. 
Both creation and destruction are temporary and infinite, delicate and tenacious, inevitable, and up to you. 

The 6th Air comes at a time when you are leaving something behind as you cross over into new vibration, narrative, experience, and way.

Give room for the destructive part of what you are co-creating in this transition. 
Honor what must give it’s life in order for new form to emerge. Honor the change agents who take the life.

Give what you are destroying a home in some creative expression, put it in a poem, a song, a painting, a story, a gift, a dance, etc… and give it an afterlife here!!!


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