11th Waxing Moon – 6th Air – Q5

This country cloaks it’s hoods and cloaks and vicious agenda’s, ideologies, and practices in a cultural narrative dependent on cognitive dissonance. 

I always appreciate the fourth of July in America for it’s honesty.

I often experience the inertia of the state, as at war with me. I am most often contending with the effects and or threats of devastating harm from ruling class decree. So for me, it’s comforting to hear all the explosions, ’cause i’m feeling them all the time anyway.

Black man killed in front of his family on tv. BOOM!!! 

The law says the cop did the right thing, the murderer goes free, and gets paid. Pop pop pop pop!!!!

Our cultural narratives and systems set this man up,

most likely a well meaning a man,

who works as a police officer,

to kill another man in cold blood in front of his wife and baby girl. BOOM BOOM POP POP CRACKLE HHHHSSSSSS!!!!

Again. BOOOOOM!!!

Where is my place in a country that tells me so clearly, my life does not matter, and is not in my hands BOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!`

and so on…  

the echoes of a war still being fought for the right to build and maintain the worlds richest empire on our backs.

Light some fireworks today for any cognitive dissonance in your inter/independence. make some noise from what’s been covered up and colored in with a tint of convenient and strategic story. Let the war cry be heard so peace may understand. De-camoflouge the lies that make this violence work. DO the same for some of that internal empire in you…

if that 6th air all prayer encourages it, please share: #CLN6thAirAllPrayer




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