11th Waning Moon – 8th Air – Q4 – Quaffing Demon Love

“I feed my demons with shameless love, we are satiated.”



Do you know how to drink as though you are audaciously free, brazenly bold, and outrageously confident? 


Let’s go back to the beginning, do you remember the first time you f*** some s*** up, maybe you did it on purpose because of curiosity; did you steal something? did you break something? did you fake something? Go back to the beginning to that first burst, that first sweet drop, the one that got you to do your worst… do you remember the cause, was it the hypocrisy of parental beings saying one thing but doing something else? Did that first sweet sip stir up your havoc causing humanity? Now that the sweet demon drink has aged in you, what do you tell that part of yourself that maybe feels like there is no help, like there are no ways to make things better, no forgiveness to be found, when there is nothing to do but feel the heat of blame, go insane, feel deranged and hope hope hope all day for change, hope hope hope audaciously for change.

Here is a remedy for the potential hangover that you have picked up over the years…

Drink some water!!!

To Be Continued…

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