11th Waning Moon – 8th Air – Q6 – Quibble

Demons Love to disagree, rub up against one another, be in the debate of a lifetime throughout time and often believe disagreement is a gift. demons celebrate conflict, anger, rage, the heat of discomfort and the coolness of dying on a sword.   

To shut someone out at the first sign of opposition, means potentially missing out on the rubbing against that refines our blemished beliefs and prepares us for a deeper, finer intimacy. Divergent opinions/beliefs prompt us to journey further on our search for truth; often leading to a more diverse, grounded, and welcoming heart when the changes that new truths bring are uncovered.

CLN demon Lover, take some time to cherish the disagreements that have paved the way for your confident and Cosmic Love.  Share what you know and the disagreements that have helped you grow….


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