12th New Moon – 13th Fool: “Still dat Fool!” – BigQ

00_TheFools_Still this Fool_DONE_lighterbear






Wild one



“The excuse”

And yet it is—Still that Fool “Still dat Fool!”

A Magi (1), a Fool (0) and a Priestess (2) take all the fools out of each of the Decks that they hold, 13, and do a two-year reading to begin their Fools’ Journey. It is “Still dat Fool” even after moving through the archetypal path coming to the fool again (sometimes numbered 22). The Fool is that new beginning, that clean slate, that first burst, that oh yes, again and again. The Fool can come at the beginning of the Major Arcana or the end; the fool is ever present and needs no number, do you understand?

“Do you know why The Fool is the most powerful card in the Tarot? Not because the person who draws it is a fool. He’s a fool because he’s a clean slate. And therefore, can become anything.” –Now You See Me

The Fools at the beginning of their journey have unlimited potential, representing innocence and naiveté, reckless risk-taking and spontaneity; facing in the direction of the unknown the Fools look to Spirit with their free spiritedness, as they step off the cliff—into the Multiverse. The Fool has all they need in their bundle and has called in all the necessary allies for the journey—the Fools’ journey. The Major Arcana is the path the Fools take through life’s mysterious journey and human archetypes.

When you discover who you really are something incredible happens, a vast path opens up, leading to deeper forms of intuition, intelligence, creativity and understanding. The stillness and presence of this 13th and final fool asks us to look again, explore our roles in the evolution of consciousness and invite the arising creative imagination (magic) to shine a light on the human condition in its unawakened states, breaking free from cycles of self-induced suffering to realize who we are beyond our narrow minded self-made sense of identity.

“Still dat Fool” asks us to understand that the recognition of “the voice in the head/cop in the head/destructive thought patterns” is the first step toward Liberation. That noticing the direct path connecting presence, beauty and enjoyment helps us along the way. And, to honor surrender through stillness as a pathway to inner and outer peace, brings us further along this mysterious Fools Journey to Creative Liberation Now.

Eckhart Tolle says, “This moment is always as it is….If you can accept that, the compulsive mind subsides, and who you are beyond form begins to emerge.”

“Still dat Fool!”


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