12th New Moon – 13th Fool – Still Dat Fool – Quenchless

The mind is insatiable

Impossible to satisfy 

Impossible to quench

It hungers

The mind hungers for truth, love, perfection, revenge, eternity, and the infinite

It hungers for winter in summer, cool during the heat, the rain and the sun, to be old and young…it hungers for beloved ideas, thoughts, dreams…

It hungers for sublime perceptions, divine realizations and Godly expansions.

Every time it gets, it craves for more, never quite filled by what it possesses…it does not seem to know what it wants. and in turn wants everything under the sun.

“Now, craving is dependent on feeling, seeking is dependent on craving, acquisition is dependent on seeking, ascertainment is dependent on acquisition, desire and passion is dependent on ascertainment, attachment is dependent on desire and passion, possessiveness is dependent on attachment, stinginess is dependent on possessiveness, defensiveness is dependent on stinginess, and because of defensiveness, various evil, unskillful phenomena come into play: the taking up of sticks and knives; conflicts, quarrels, and disputes; accusations, divisive speech, and lies.  Here, the Buddha says, “This is the cause, this is the reason, this is the origination, this is the requisite condition for seeking—i.e., craving.” (Source)

Oh, how this insatiable mind craves…

Still Dat Fool, how does stillness help to bring balance and understanding to the insatiable mind? If you don’t know, try out some stillness to see if you can find the answer.


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