10th Fire Q3: Quarrel

“do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” ~ pat noonan (among many)

are there parts of you that struggle to want to see the opportunities in the obstacles? a part that focuses on the oppressing aspect of a situation rather than the liberating one? Are you stuck looking for a window to crawl through when a door is directly in front of you?

At times, even the most creative of us get stuck — our will power weakens, our ability to see the fullness of an experience feels limited. We can get so fixated on what we think we want or need that we fail to see the abundance of things that might be nourishing if only we gave them a chance…even though they differ from what we imagined would do the trick.

give yourself some space to fight with yourself today.  allow that part of you that really wants the window, not the door, to be heard. through the internal (or external) yelling, bickering, begrudging, convincing, find the medicine in your own stubbornness: have that quarrel until you soften and open to the opportunity that is actually presenting itself…it may save you time having that same quarrel with somebody else.


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